• New F317 contemporary fixed partition
  • F209 profiles
  • Clipper Diffusion
  • F209 clip profile and flatsfor mirror framing
  • Kit for canopy with an artist workshop effect on shower space
  • Clipper Diffusion for mirror's dealers
  • Clipper Diffusion for elevator repair dealers
  • Clipper Diffusion for interior decoration and fitting
  • Clipper Diffusion for shower space
Contemporary fixed partition Modern and pure Design Clipper Diffusion New idea for decoration New idea for decoration Mirror dealers Fitting and Interior decoration Shower space Elevator repair
  • New : F317

    Easy and fast manufacturing without specific tools directly on site.

  • F209 profiles

    Easy and fast manufacturing of mirror for artist workshop effect

  • Clipper Diffusion

    Innovative aluminium profiles with a contemporary and timeless design, easy to assemble.

  • Mirror kit for artist workshop

    F209 clip profile & flats for mirror framing

  • F209-F212 with clip range

    New: kit canopy with artist workshop effect for shower space.

  • Mirror Industry

    Aluminum profiles for the professionals working in the mirror industry.

  • Interior decoration and fitting

    A full range for interior decoration and fitting.

  • Shower space

    Beautifully designed and modern profiles for bathrooms.

  • Elevator repair

    A full range of sliding profiles for elevators.


Clipper Diffusion

Interior decoration and fitting, renovation

We are a family business established in France for more than 35 years. Clipper Diffusion initially specialised in the mirror industry. Then, we quickly became a manufacture specialised in the design and sales of aluminum profiles. We patented the famous R800, a clip profile used to fix mirrors, which has been the conerstone of our success across France in Europe.

We always listen to our customers' needs and we constantly develop and diversify our range of products. With the precursory chrome U, vertical post kits and contemporary designed products, we offer new, high-end, clever profiles to professionals.

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We are based in Sophia-Antipolis

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